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Price for laptop thermal paste

Why should I clean the laptop glue?

After buying a laptop for a while and using it, the laptop will gradually accumulate a large amount of dirt. Attached is the thermal paste that will dry out due to the heat in the machine. This will make your computer hotter and run or shut down suddenly. Therefore, cleaning the laptop and applying thermal paste to the laptop is essential. movavi video editor 14 activation key free downloadSo ???


If you use a laptop that is too hot, do not clean the laptop regularly, it will cause the following harms

Due to your dirt getting into the machine, filling up the heatsink slot of the machine, there will be no heat coming out, leading to the thermal paste drying and the boards in the machine getting hot leading to damage. Especially the CPU chip is too hot, it will turn itself off, for a long time it can be damaged and the replacement cost is very expensive.

Especially if you use laptops with discrete VGA, it will be very easy to damage, if you leave the machine hot for too long, the VGA will be hot and damaged, closing the VGA chip is very difficult and expensive, so you need kidney is needed.

Procedure :

  1. Receive the machine.
  2. Check the machine’s status.
  3. Clean each component.
  4. Check the operation of the cooling fan.
  5. Wipe off the old glue on the CPU, put on a new one
  6. Reassemble components.
  7. Check the cables. avast cleanup serial 2016
  8. Clean the LCD screen and outer cover.
  9. Customers directly test the laptop.
  10. Handing over the machine to the customer.

Quotation for thermal paste.

Name Glue Heat conduction capacity Cost Time to check back
No Name , China 1-2W/mk Free (popular) 1-3 months
MX4, MX5, Arctic Silver 8W/mK 100,000 VND 6-9 months
MasterGel Pro 9W /mK 150,000 VND 9-13 months
 Kryonaut Ultra 12.5W/mK 220,000 VND 12-20 months
Cryofuze, Kryonaut Extreme 14.2W/mK 250,000 VND 12-20 months
Conductonaut Ultra Metal Compound 73W/mK      500,000 VND 12-20 months

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